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Stay at the nursery

We consider it very important to take care of our customers, offering them  awarm welcome and special attention.
 It is for this reason that we provide accomodation free of charge in confortable and cosy rooms in a wing of our farmhouse which has been refurbished according to the rural style of the old Tuscan country houses.
 The service that we offer to our customers isn’t  just a sign of hospitality and kindness but it has been thought in the name of the love for genuine living and respect for both nature and people; rural traditions and heritage that have been handed down from the generations that lived on this land. It is  a sign of the authenticity which distinguishes Tuscany and particularly Pistoia.

In the rooms that we reserve to our customers they can breath the atmosphere of  a time, that seems to have stopped:  with the cosy spaces it is possible to regain the taste for the simple things and  interrupt the every day frantic life.

A stay at our nurseries is an opportunity for our customers to combine the visit  of the company and the selection of the plants with a moment of rest and direct contact with nature, immersed in the greenery of Tuscan countryside.